Sede C.P.S. Group S.p.A.Sede Castelbolognese

C.P.S. Group S.p.A. is an established industrial reality origined from the synergy of a multiplicity of companies operating in the iron and steel business, specialized in uplifting machines for industrial vehicles, scrap , recycling and timber cranes.

With the introduction of the hook lift, C.P.S. is part of a small number of companies offering to its customers a complete and updated range of oleodinamic lifting machines for industrial vehicles.


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Thanks to the use of high strength steel we can get light product and at the same time a great strength.

The products range goes from 3 tons to 40 tons lifting capacity, built to get the best performance with relatively low operating pressures, making it possible to reduce equipment overheating, extending significantly the equipment lifetime.

All projects are designed, according current EU regulations, with particular care to safety matters and devices.

Our company is active worldwide in the main markets with an extensive distribution network, with high-qualified sales and after-sales C.P.S. staff.